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Migraine Vs Headache

Headache is the most usual disorder, every one of us at some point in time experiences a headache. Headache is usually a pain that is caused in the head due to nervous system conditions. Headache is not quite as normal as we think it is. Migraine is a kind of headache. Besides that there are many types of headaches there, many people out there suffer a lot from different kinds of headaches. According to studies, there is about a 50 percent of chance that adults may experience headache disorders


Many of us, if we are prone to headaches a lot of times we conclude it as migraine. But you might be wrong. There are many different headache disorders. You will get to know what causes you difficulties by consulting the best neurologist near you. Headache is not a kind of disorder that you can take less action for, because they are the painful signs or symptoms caused by the nervous system in the head. Every headache has a different frequency of pain and symptoms.


Here in this guide, we will explain to you the types of headaches and also the migraine which differs from the usual kinds.



Headache is a condition that causes severe pain for some particular time in the neck, head, and face. Headaches are commonly caused by an infection or due to medication, a side effect of overdosage of medicines may be due to overstressing or overthinking, or exposure to more sunlight may have many minor causes in the nervous system in the head



Migraine is different from headache and it is unique, it has different phases, at each phase people experience different types of conditions. Headache is a stage of migraine. The phases are premonition, aura, headache phase, and resolution phase.


Headaches are classified into two types. They are Primary and Secondary headache disorders.


Primary Headache:

Primary Headaches are migraine and severe tension causing headache and cluster headache



Migraine is one kind of headache with extremely severe and stronger symptoms than other headache disorders. It is quite a chronic condition. 


Migraine will be mild to some and severe to some, it should be treated while it is in a mild stage by itself. Better make sure you don't worsen it by keeping yourself more to light, straining activities, immediately seek a doctor if you think you experience migraine symptoms such as:

  • Severeness on one side of the head
  • Feeling too exhausted
  • Extreme or mild confusion
  • Difficulty in sleeping
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting 
  • Depression 
  • Anxiety 


Types of Migraines:


Migraine with Aura:

Migraine with aura is a kind of Neurological problem, it's a stroke. Stroke is a dangerous thing that can cause severe pain. Aura phase will be even before you experience a headache


Migraine without Aura:

Migraine without aura is a headache on one part or side of head, this usually takes hours to become normal. This type of migraine has no symptoms 


Abdominal Migraine :

Abdominal migraine is most commonly seen in children it causes Nausea, vomiting, pain around the Abdominal, it ends up with headache sometimes


Hemiplegic Migraine:

Hemiplegic migraine is a dangerous thing, the patient in rare cases might experience paralysis temporarily. Its symptoms include dizziness, pain in the head, blurred vision and difficulty in speaking and moving one side of the entire body


Prevention of migraine:

  • Healthy diet
  • Regular exercise 
  • Medication
  • Meditation 
  • Taking no stress
  • Mindful breathing exercises 


Healthy Daily Diet:

The triggers may be managed by having the right foods including trigger food everything, it may prevent to some extent to cause adverse effects. A healthy diet includes fresh vegetables and fruit, send a lot of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to the body in the form of nuts, butter, meat, plant protein, fish, grapes, pineapples, oranges, bananas, plums, figs, raspberries, salads, and mostly include Vitamin C supplementation through food



It's important to seek a doctor if you have difficulty in thinking, numbness, vomiting, unable to move one side of the body, and other such abnormalities. Because Migraine is not curable, according to studies, migraine can be controlled and is manageable with treatment and frequent medication


Stressful or Tension headache:

It is a kind of headache that has severe effects on the head and feels like high pressure on it. It usually lasts up to 14 days or above. It is a chronic condition that needs to be treated by the doctor. This tension headache condition is known as Episodic in medical terms. Different types of reasons are responsible for this tension-type headache they might be due to:

  • Lack of sleep
  • Anxiety
  • Extreme strain 
  • Sleep apnea
  • Depression
  • Cluster headaches, also arthritis, improper postures, and many other such conditions cause tension-type headache



  • Pain on both sides of the head
  • Neck pain
  • Hunger
  • Head pain, usually on the back of the head


Cluster Headaches:

Cluster headaches are a severe kind of headache, it usually occurs around or behind the eye. The name cluster means groups, this kind of headache occurs at several places of the head for consecutive days. This type of headache is also a primary headache disorder. You might experience the following symptoms if you have a cluster headache:

  • Extreme pain on one side
  • Pain behind any side of the eye
  • Heart rate differences
  • Watered eyes
  • Exhaustion


Secondary Headaches:

Secondary headaches are commonly caused by an infection such as encephalitis, tumor or due to medication, or side effects of overdosage of medicines. The discomfort in the head, forehead, face, the neck is nothing but a headache. The intensity of pain needs to be noticed and seek doctor help to reduce it with medication. The Symptoms of secondary headache will not be severe, sometimes it will be Painful while chewing or coughing. However severe secondary headache symptoms like epilepsy or seizures, nausea, mobility discomforts, worst headache followed by fever, visual problems, and speech problems are to be taken as serious signs and immediately seek a doctor to get the right kind of diagnosis to find the underlying problem that is causing a headache.


Every one of us experiences a headache, proper care must be taken to know the frequency of severity and pain, also the cause behind it. Headache or any other brain-related conditions affect the quality of life. Also causes difficulty to other body functionalities. The best neurologist can differentiate the type of headache you are experiencing with a careful diagnosis and give you effective treatment accordingly. 


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