2022-04-04 : ABR Hospital
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Quit before it kills

No wonder the death rate caused by Tobacco is in the millions on the graph. However, no one quits smoking and never thinks of the idea of quitting smoking. Even though they know smoking is harmful and people around the smokers get affected, they are least bothered. Smoking habit is nothing but inviting your death, by spoiling your valuable life.


See how smoking takes away your life, with horrible unhealthy conditions. Quitting tobacco is harder than said, seek rehabilitation expert support in this journey.


Everywhere tobacco is the biggest cause of most of the unhealthy conditions that end up with death. Tobacco is an addiction, that is the reason why people tend to get blocked in that habit. Tobacco is made from nicotine, a drug that makes people crave it.


Tobacco smoking causes a wide range of illnesses, it, directly and indirectly, affects body organs and ultimately leads to death. Some of the preventable diseases are cancers, emphysema, strokes or heart diseases, liver and lung damage.


Every day Tobacco causes a death rate in India around and on an average of 2000. In which the adult rate is more than 34 percent. 45 and above percent of males and 20 percent of females.This news and information don't alarm us anymore? How far you are going to take risks at the cost of your health just for a death-causing habit. We can prevent tobacco from causing health problems, about 70 percent if we can quit smoking at least from now and today!


Taking tobacco is as dangerous as taking drugs, you will have to face disaster problems if you don't pledge to quit. Only considering facts, this is declared - "Quit before it kills"


Tobacco has lots and lots of chemicals as ingredients such as nicotine (drug), tar, carbon monoxide, ammonia, arsenic and other chemicals used in tobacco manufacturing causes cancers such as lung, mouth, esophagus, liver, ureter, nose, cervix, pancreas, ovary, kidney, bowel and bone marrow cancers.


Most individuals are addicted to tobacco because it has the drug, that insists they smoke. Apart from drug addiction, smokers always find a reason to smoke. The reasons might be anger, frustration, cravings, irritation, happiness, depression, stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, and many other such mental and physical emotional imbalances


Chances to give away tobacco are high through these particular practices.


Regular Counseling With Doctors:

The doctor is the only person we listen to, no matter what, if you want to quit smoking, seek a doctor's advice. Upon doctor's counseling, you will develop a kind of restriction in your mind. A doctor usually helps you with the ideas of controlling yourself towards killer habits


Participate In Every Activity:

Give space for yourself at the same time. Participate in self activities such as exercising, aerobics, zumba, yoga, meditation, reading a book, calming yourself, indulging in favorite habits such as skincare, grooming, sports, traveling, and other self-exploration. Overall adopt a healthy lifestyle


Learn To Love Yourself:

By exploring your inner mind, you will get time to spend activities and mind yourself all the time. Loving yourself can make you a better person, developing this quality urge to lead a quality life for prosperous living.


Taking Therapy:

Doctors give you therapy such as nicotine replacement, which eventually causes less interest in tobacco. It's like having alternative low nicotine dosage substances to get rid of the smoking habit


NO SMOKE Programs:

Attending no smoke or quit smoke programs can help your mind to give away the habit, it motivates you to lead a happy and healthy life. It can help you with the ways of quitting it and can put some of the people as examples who had quit smoking and leading a better life.


Sudden Urge To Smoke:

There will be some particular times, where you feel extremely no resistance for yourself but have to smoke. Those kinds of triggers need to be balanced and controlled.


Smoking near your children can cause asthma to them, tobacco is not only dangerous to you but also to people around you. If you want to change yourself for you and your family and are ready to quit smoking, Get yourself diagnosed with your entire body but before that speak to your doctor about your problem in detail. Then you might be subjected to diagnosing procedures by your doctor. The experts start with blood tests, urine tests, biopsy, diabetes tests, heart-related tests, and suggest your medication and lifestyle changes.


This process of quitting should be consistent and determined, then only you can make the mission successful, also change your environment, and hang out only with friends who are non-smokers.


Consult ABR Hospital, the best multi-specialty hospital in Hyderabad, the experts give you the right care and advice and let you help yourself in quitting smoking and lead a healthy life afterward





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